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New Yamaha SMT Line

New Equipment at TSI

We have recently acquired the following new equipment which greatly adds to our production capacity:

3 Yamaha YS24 Pick and Place Machines
2 YS24X Pick and Place Machine
2 Electrovert Omnimax 7 Reflow Oven
1 Speedline Aquastorm 200C Aqueous Cleaning System
1 Speedline VetraElite Wave Soldering System
1 Nordson Dage XD7600NT Xray Machine
1 RPS Rhythm Selective Soldering Machine
1 VJ Electronix Summit 1800 Rework Station
1 Everett Charles Tilt Probe In Circuit Tester
1 Yamaha YSi-12 High Speed AOI Machine

TSI Specializes in turnkey and consignment manufacturing using high speed surface mount equipment, automated optical inspection and in-circuit testing while maintaining through-hole capabilities with automated placement equipment. Our solutions include printed circuit board development, prototyping services, new product introduction, material procurement and supply chain management, printed circuit board and higher level assembly, test development, in-circuit and functional testing, final system box build, fulfillment, service, and repair.



Commercial Electronics


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